The Basis of Physical Therapy Treatment is Active Therapy. This means that the patient plays an active role in the treatment process by carrying out the Various Therapeutic Exercise Techniques that are specified by the Physical Therapist. We believe that Active Therapy is crucial for the rehabilitation to have successful results.

To help the patient execute the prescribed therapeutic exercises, our facility is equipped with Biodex medical exercise equipment. These machines are specifically designed for rehabilitation, and can be used by patients of nearly every level of functional capability. In addition, we make use of many other types of exercise apparatus including Thera-Bands, medicine balls, physio-balls, weights, and more to help the rehab process.

Here are common forms of therapeutic exercises
or Active Therapy that are given:

Active Therapy – Patient on Bike

• Active Range of Motion (ROM)
• Passive ROM
• Isotonic
• Isokinetic
• Isometric
• Plyometric
• Resistive
• Open Kinetic Chain
• Closed Kinetic Chain
• Dynamic Stabilization
• Neuro-Developmental Treatment (for Stroke)

In addition to the therapeutic exercises, we use Passive Therapy to help achieve our goals with less pain. These are considered passive therapies because they are Done To the patient.


Modalities or Passive Therapy

Modalities – Infrared Laser Therapy

• Infra-Red / Cold Laser
• Ultrasound / Phonophoresis
• Biofeedback
• Electrical Stimulation
• Muscle Reeducation/NMS
• Hot Packs
• Cold Packs
• Manual Therapy
• Manual Traction
• Massage
• Soft-Tissue Mobilization
• Myofascial Release
• Joint Mobilization

Alternative Treatments

• Rock Tape / Kinesio-Tex Taping
• Reflexology

Gait Training

• None-Weight Bearing
• Partial-Weight Bearing
• Full-Weight Bearing
• Walker
• Crutches
• Cane

Other Services

• Orthotics Management
• Prosthetics Management
• Bracing
• Taping
• Proper Body Mechanics Instruction
• Home Exercise Program
• Rehabilitation Program
• Prevention Program
• Ergonomics Consulting for Office and Industrial Settings